E.B.E. FRFR GR active speaker

E.B.E. FRFR GR active speaker

Active FRFR speaker 2 way 350 + 50 W

The new speaker E.B.E. (R) is an innovative project developed to obtain a high portability of a guitar speaker, to be combined with digital or traditional systems, with FRFR response (full Range, Flat responce) but with GR response, therefore without intervening on the timbre of the signal coming from a digital system, it provides a reaqle "GUITAR" answer to recover the feeling of traditional amp.

This result was attenuated by associating a class D amplification with high quality speakers.

The opening / closing system of the speaker allows easy transport and reduced space associated with a low weight of only 12 kg (depending on the model).

NOTE: the opening / closing movement of the speaker is the object of exclusive industrial property registration no. 302018000036127

Active FRFR speaker 2 way 350 + 50 W


height 45 cm

width 40 cm

Depth 22 cm closed, 36 cm open.

Woofer: jensen Tornado 100

Tweeter: Jensen silk

Amplification: 350W LF, 50WHF continuous. Class D.

Inputs: 2

              - LINE IN 1 - XLR / JACK combo, stereo RCA, volume control.

              - LINE IN 2 - XLR / JACK combo, level selector (HI LOW), volume control.

              - General MIX OUTPUT, XLR

               - VU Meter 3 level LED

power supply 115/230 V50 / 60kZ

Weight 12.4 Kg

accessories: tilt support




play time with E.B.E. Guitar speaker

E.B.E. FRFR -GR- active speaker open and close