SRC - Solid Rock Circus

SRC - Solid Rock Circus

SRC - Sold Rock Circus - Overdrive/Distortion
SRC (Solid Rock Circus) is an Overdrive / Distortion pedal designed to recreate the sound of a full stack amp. 


The tone controls are active filters and allow you to equalize the sound without distorting it.


The MID / HIGH switch allows you to set the eq bell on a medium or high tone range,


managed with the potentiometer of the HI-MID controls. 


The bass control increases the punch at the bottom. 


The 800 / plex selector allows you to switch from a classic tone to a more modern tone. 


Internally 2 dip switches allow you to choose between symmetrical or asymmetrical distortion, 


to emulate standard OD or a tube OD. 


The Boost switch allows you to increase the general output by 10 dB. 


The overall sound ranges from typical UK tones up to high gain US sound, always maintaining definition and low background noise. 
The dynamic response allows you to faithfully follow the touch of the picking, making the analogue emulation of the real amplifier.
SRC - Sold Rock Circus - Overdrive/Distortion