6 Loops switching pedalboard
The V-6 LASER pedal board is the younger sister of the V8.2, of which it maintains exactly the same management SW, reduced to 6 loops instead of 8. 
It replaces the V5 model was born for Maintaining the signal through the effects chain Being able to easily 
manage each sound change without having to activate several pedals in rapid sequence 
Being able to also manage a channel change of a head with the same unit - Drive external MIDI devices, or be driven from the outside. 
Similarly to the model, the V8.2 CUTTER includes: 
- 3-digit central display
 - advanced MIDI management with Control Change management, assignable to each program 
- MIDI management with the possibility of assigning up to 3 Program Changes on different channels, for each program 
- Programmable buffer, assignable to each program 
- Programmable or on-the-fly MUTE function. 
- channel change switch in 3 modes, stable ON/OFF, single shot, double shot.
6 Loops switching pedalboard
6-loop switching fpedalboard
- 3 in front, 3 in send/return of the amplifier, with ground isolation. Or 6 in cascade. 
Programmable buffer. 
MUTE function on the fly. 
Up to 3 Program Changes on 3 different channels for each single patch 
Up to 3 Control changes assignable to each single patch 4 switches for amp channel change control, 
definable as latch, temporary, single shot or double shot. 
MIDI tap tempo with external button on 3.5 mm minijack 
Dimensions 38 x 8.5 height 4.5 cm 
Power supply 12V AC/DC 0.3A