Preamp Boost EQ
Derived from the Buff'n boost, the new VA-1 pedal is Boost Preamo with active EQ. 
It is a boost pedal created to preserve the original sound of the guitar, but to enrich it with harmonics and increase the volume, shaping it gently. 
All controls are very slight, no extreme variation, but what it takes to define a clean, a crunch, a lead. 
The controls are volume / boost, high, low, two selectors placed under the high and low controls are used to open the EQ bell towards the mids on the control 
and the highs, and to move the low one towards the mids. 
The pedal is true bypass. 
Powered from 9 to 24 volts, for maximum headroom. Internal 9 volt battery 
The screen printing is made with laser engraving.
Preamp Boost EQ
Clean boost 
- + 15 dB of volume 
- + 10 dB highs 
- + 8 dB on the bass Control: 
- volume - high pot + switch for opening the EQ bell - low pot + switch to move the bell towards the mids 
- Internal 9 Volt power supply, external 9-24 volt absorption 30 mA 
- dimension 110x80 x45 mm weight 130g